Is your sales process letting potential customers fall through the cracks? What is your prospect-to-sales ratio?

Inefficiencies in business is like throwing money away. Money saved through reduced expenses is like increasing revenue without making any extra sales.

CreatePoint business solutions

CreatePoint was founded in order to help companies realize their full potential in our information-driven society.

Advances in information delivery, from high-speed computers to the Internet, are changing the way customers purchase goods and services. Companies that refuse to keep pace with consumer demands of instant access to prices, features, selection and service are falling behind those that are committed to the effective use of technology.

CreatePoint assists clients in three major ways:

  1. Business Process Surveys - We can help your organization take an in-depth, objective look at your current processes to identify any gaps or inefficiencies that keep your business from reaching its full potential.

  2. Solutions Identification & Recommendations - There are hundreds, if not thousands of companies out there claiming to have "the" software to meet your needs. CreatePoint can identify which solutions will meet your company's needs as well as budget.

  3. Implementation - After the gaps and solutions are identified, many companies choose to allow CreatePoint to assist with implementing the new systems to ensure success. We also followup after the implementation to make sure changes have been successful and if they haven't, what needs to be done to achieve a more desirable outcome.

Feel free to contact CreatePoint if you would like more information about our services.