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CreatePoint ASsisting OQSG with applying technology to COMPLY WITH pipeline industry Regulations & standards

OQSG is one of the leading providers of training and evaluation tools used in order help companies comply with the DOT Operator Qualification Rule and Pipeline Safety Improvement Act of 2002.

OQSG has developed a PC-based software application, OQVerify, that allows individual users to take training and assessment modules that help determine their qualification for performing certain covered tasks on DOT Pipelines.

Currently, OQVerify is installed at over 200 locations nationwide and has assisted with providing over 25,000 qualifications to thousands of individuals in the pipeline industry.

OQSG has retained the services of CreatePoint Business Solutions in order to identify how currently available technology can help them make the training and assessment process more effective and efficient.

CreatePoint has analyzed the OQSG process and determined that currently available technology, in the form of PDAs and ODBC compliant databases along with XML can be integrated into the current system to allow people to get training and assessments in the field rather than the office, saving OQSG customers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in lost man hours and making the evaluation process more accurate and accessible.

CreatePoint will also be redesigning the OQSG website in order to make sure it is up to date and increase the access to information for OQSG customers.

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